Haruteru Kinbaku is one of the few places outside of Japan teaching Yukimura-ry
ū kinbaku (雪村流), also known as the "Caressing Style". This style of kinbaku is unique, in that the focus in every moment is on the person being tied and what they are feeling, rather than the rope or the pattern. We make a distinction between kinbaku and shibari, with shibari being the physical act of tying in a Japanese style, whilst kinbaku is tying with your soul.

The use of ki energy
(氣) is distinctive to Yukimura-ryū, as are a range of concepts such as muga (無我), or "the void" in Zen; rhythm of both the person tying and the one being tied (緩急); and space, both temporal and physical (). The majority of tying in Yukimura-ryū occurs on the floor and does not include suspensions.

Whilst not a focus, Haruteru Kinbaku also teaches suspensions and other physically challenging ties, but again focuses on the experience of the person being tied.